About Me

Thank you for stopping by. I assume, you most likley already know who I am, but if you don't know: I am Jannik, caught somewhere in the big void between founding startups and life. Right now, I am a Founder and CEO / Managing Director at Neuralfinity. We are currently bootstrapping our way to an API plattform to consume state of the art machine learning models and offer industry specific solutions, such as a transcription service for market research companies and a locally deployed appliance for law offices to make large quantities of voice evidance (depositions, memos etc) searchable.  

Further more, I am a student at the Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences, studying the new and radical (for Germany) degree programme Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Leadership (Gründung, Innovation, Führung), the first in the German speaking area modelled after the Finnish team academies. As part of this degree, I am also a shareholder, former executive board member and current chairman of the supervisory board member of StartDocks eG, a cooperative we formed as part of the programme to serve as a legal entity for our projects.

On this blog I post way too little and way too infrequently, but I am still trying to make it worse your while. Follow me on Twitter to never miss a post.