About Me

I am Jannik,

a loving husband, tech entrepreneur and passionate developer. I co-founded Neuralfinity, a German-British AI startup that specialises in training large transformer models. In 2022 we released Magic-Summary, a state-of-the-art language model optimised solely for summarisation tasks. In 2023 we followed this up with Magic Speech-to-Text, an automatic speech recognition model trained for both English and German.

Previously I co-founded a few other startups in varying industries, from cleantech to retail analytics. But one thing that was always a common theme, was my love for building deep learning models.

In this blog I will share my thoughts on the latest developments in the field of AI, as well as my personal experiences in building and deploying deep learning models. But I will not just write about AI, some of my thoughts on other subjects will also show up from time to time (and already have, I brought a few old blog posts over from my old blog). The main reason I build this though, was to have a quick way to test out Astro, a new static site generator that I am really excited about. (Sorry Ghost, you have been replaced, for now.)